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DENMEAD Portsmouth with funnel band

stove fleet tenders navy RMAS denmead st. katharineThe Denmead, a 80 foot (24 m) Fleet Tender was ordered by C D Holmes Ship Yard in Beverley (Kingston Upon Hull), under contract number CP83/56256/68 on 31st of October 1968.

She was the sixth of a series of six in the Clovelly Class Tenders and designed as Type B tender, intended for shipping of goods and troops.

The Tenders from the Clovelly series are all named after small villages at the British coast. All Tenders from the Clovelly series are identical to each other except for some small modifications.
RMAS fleet tender Denmead Portsmouth hotel st. katharineLength 75 ft., wide 21 ft., and a draught between 6.5 and 10 ft., displacement of 143T and equipped with a 4 cylinder Lister Blackstone engine type ERS-type 4-MGR that 330 HP delivers with a service speed of 10.5 knots.

Denmead was laid down on April the 15th 1969 with construction number 1025 and the final slipping was between 10th of November 1969 and 2nd of December 1969. The final delivery to the Port Auxiliary Service was on 31st December 1969. Location was Portsmouth, her pennant number A363 with call sign GZER.
helicopter denmead navy hotel boat st. katharine

The Denmead in service

The first three years of her career the Denmead worked from Portsmouth and shipped cargo and crew between the base and the fleet at sea. Mostly to submarines because the Denmead was equipped with rubber stabilizers so that, if they went alongside, the hull of the submarines would not be damaged.

rmas fleet tender denmead a363 1969 navy hotel boatThe Denmead transported a total of 130 man! There were 85 men in the hold and about 40 men on deck. With the current legislation, this would be impossible.

On September the 12th, 1973, the Denmead moved to HMS Ganges in Shortley, a marine base near Ipswich. There the yellow upperworks was painted grey.

In July 1976 the Denmead was temporarily allocated to the Royal Naval Auxiliary Service in Chatham to the Harm Class to replace the RNXS ISMS SHIPHAM and stayed until the end of October 1976.Helicopter on fleet tender kilquade denmead

On 23rd of March 1976 the Denmead was moved to the Clyde to replace the MFV 289 and arrived on the 5th of April that year in Greenock, where they reRMAS Denmead A363 presently B&B hotel boat St. Katharinemained until 1989.

For nearly three years the Denmead then became stationed in Rosyth and then afterwards employed at HMS Caroline in Belfast to replace the old Fleet Tender to Beddgelert.

Decommissioned (1969-1994)

In 1994 the Denmead, was made redundant and decommissioned together with other Fleet Tenders.

The reason was that the Navy accepted the rules of the MCA (maritime coastguard agency) which stated that each ship under the 24 meters, was not allowed anymore to have more than 12 passenders on board.

In the years following allmost all 64 Fleet Tenders were decommissioned.

Kilquade at work presently Bed Breakfast hotel Boat St. Katharine Barcelona

Sold to Ierland

James Bond Pierce Brosnan the nephew uses B&B Hotel Boat St. Katharine Barcelona

In the late 1995, she was sold to Gordon Hunter (Hunter Marine Ltd) in Wicklow, South of Dublin. After his purchase through a auction, the logs books about the Belfast (Northern Ireland) period where still on board. However there were taken as "classified documents" by the Navy just before Mr. Hunter left with the Denmead.

After the purchase the Denmead was renamed Kilquade and deployed as a working ship (tender, transportation and inspection vessel) on the Irish Sea with Dublin as home port and moored in Wicklow.

Until 2006 the Kilquade was deployed around Ireland with many different activities and she even played twice a role in film recordings.
Kilquade fleet tender Denmead A363 presently St. Katharine

Once as a military ship in the BBC series "The Ambassador" (except some pictures no material on board) and as a passenger ship in the feature film "The Nephew" with starring Pierce Brosnan (this dvd is for the guests on board.)
Bed Breakfast Hotel Boat St. Katharine used BBC series the Ambassador

Mr. Gorden Hunter decided to sell the Kilquade due to economic reasons in 2006.

To Stellendam, followed by Barcelona!

In August 2006, the present owners, Cas & Irene Pijpers purchased the Kilquade and sailed her in three days and nights nonstop to Stellendam (The Netherlands)

There was started to strip the whole vessel and rebuild her into a luxurious charter schip for the Greek waters around Levkas for the 2 years following.
St. Katharine in BBC serie The Ambassador When the boat, in the meantime renamed St. Katharine was ready, the economic crises had just started.

The owners decided to bring the St. Katharine to Rotterdam, live aboard and wait till the "storm" had passed.

Complete refit st.katharine Bed and Breakfast Hotel Boat BarcelonaFinaly in June 2012 the St. Katharine was taken to Barcelona and arrived on the 8th of July after a trip of 12 days. 
She 'serves' now as Bed & Breakfast/Self-Catering Boat for guests wanting to explore Barcelona, but also want to enjoy the waterfront of Barcelona in a relaxing and peaceful enviroment. With the spacious decks of the St. Katharine, the beaches nearby, the super yachts in the marina, it is a fantastic and unique experience to stay on this Bed & Breakfast/Self-Catering Boat in Barcelona!

Guests of the St. Katharine Bed and Breakfast Boat
Floating aboard the best-kept secret in Barcelona

"...St Katharine's Bed and Breakfast at the Port Forum jetty in Sant Adria de Besos is really the best-kept secret in Barcelona if you're looking for peace, quiet, convenience, and a wonderful home away from home to vacation in while you're getting things done in the city. I stayed here for a week at the end of July 2016, had the port cabin, and lapped up the amazing luxury and service which came at a completely reasonable price.

My room and the boat came with all the modern conveniences I needed e.g. wifi, wonderful places on deck to sit / read / get work done on a laptop, and was within very close walking distance to taxis between the Telefonica and Musea Blau buildings and to general shopping/grocery areas at Carrer de Maresme (Diagonal Shopping Center) and, of course, the Port Forum has its own beach which is very private and relaxing, away from the very plastic, full of tourist beaches at Barceloneta and Port Olimpico.

Cas was wonderfully attentive to my needs and provided me healthy sailor's breakfasts every morning which lasted me the day, wonderful DVD's to watch (including The Nephew, which stars St Katharine and Pierce Brosnan), directions to anything I needed, postcards for sending from the boat, etc. I opted for a bottle of cava and sailor's tapas dinner when I arrived, and I ate like a champion. It was lovely to relax on deck with my books and writing and get the creative juices going with lots of sunshine and wonderful quiet atmosphere of the marina.

Sleeping also came easy, because somehow staying on the water reset my biological clock and I drifted to sleep without problems, rested really really well and felt so peaceful and rejuvenated after just a week here. The boat was very clean and I felt like i had everything I needed, even though I packed very light, just needed a beach towel and a hat/sunglasses and sunscreen. Didn't even use earplugs I brought.

I gotta say, I took very memorable photos around the boat and the marina and the beach with my friends and it was so awesome to get things done in the city that I needed, and then come back to such an incredibly relaxing atmosphere. Thank you to Cas and the St. Katharine's team for making all that possible! It has been truly magical..."
Written by Bee-Lee S. on Tripadvisor on July 2016.